Peter Peverelli
Assistant Professor & Affiliate of the Cross Cultural Human Rights Centre at VU Faculty of Theology

Peter Peverelli combines very different fields of expertise: China and organization theory. He started learning Chinese at an evening course at age 14, while still in high school. He studied Chinese Language and Culture at Leiden University (1974 – 1979), which included a year in China (1975 – 1976). After a period of academic work in Leiden (1979 – 1982) and Beijing University (1982 – 1984), he decided to shift his career to the commercial world and joined Gist-brocades N.V. (now part of DSM) in 1985. He received his PhD Lit. on a "The History of Modern Chinese Grammar Studies in 1986.

Peter was stationed in China for the company from 1986 to 1991, after which he established his own consulting practice, advising European companies in their long term relations with Chinese partners. Meanwhile, he had starting acquiring academic knowledge in business administration through self-study, which led to a second PhD (Cognitive Space - A Social Cognitive Approach to Sino-Western Cooperation) in Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2000, in which he further developed the Social Integration model of social-constructionist organization theory, launched by Henk van Dongen and his team in the 1980s.

Peter joined VU University the year after, on a part-time basis, still continuing his consulting practice. He is affiliated with SBE, but more recently also has taken on the responsibility for the China business for the entire university in the VU International Office.

Peter is affiliated with the Cross Cultural Human Rights Centre (CCHRC) that has been established at VU. He is currently working on making VU SBE's Fons Trompenaars' culture model applicable to human rights (see his publications for more details).

A noteworthy expertise is that Peter has been active in research in the Chinese food & beverage industry since 1985.

Publications can be accessed here.

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