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Our blog – the new wave – gives a voice to the next generation of business & society scholars. We publish student-led research on business & society to offer managers, companies and other societal stakeholders insights authored by their future employees, consumers and stakeholders.
Blogs on the new wave offer snapshots of ongoing and unpublished research projects and show how doctoral, master, and even undergrad students go about having an impact with their research projects.
23. November 2022
The Mess We’ve Made: Critical Theory for Tackling Grand Challenges

Similar to social moments of the past, critical theories provide a valuable lens in this line of inquiry by identifying and critiquing social structures that we may take for granted. Revealing this has the potential to transform our social institutions on a macro level and catalyze visible changes that begin to unravel some of the messes we’ve made

21. April 2022
After COVID-19: does sustainability still matter?

Has the Covid-19 pandemic a threat or a blessing for the promotion of sustainable business practices?

5. April 2022
Rethinking social responsibility in the hospitality industry during and after COVID-19

In recent years, the COVID-19 has had a significant impact on most industries. However, the hospitality industry is among the hardest hit (UNWTO, 2022) due to the uncertain demand. Many hotel corporations quickly shifted their attention to survival. The COVID-19 pandemic forced hoteliers to rethink the way to do business and design new business strategies […]

22. March 2022
Support dads at work, and everyone benefits.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and that village includes men, fathers, and non-birthing parents. Still only 44% of organizations offer paid parental leave, according to the Society for Human Resource Management[1], which makes it difficult for fathers to stay at home. While this number is rising (up from 30% in […]

14. January 2022
The problem with greenwashing: Can we avoid it?

Greenwashing - the projection of a green image despite unsustainable business practices - pervades our consumption-oriented society and is a threat to sincere business initiatives for greater sustainability. While commitments to sustainability are everywhere, many of them are not more than unstubstantiated facades that cover up highly problematic business practices which harm social and ecological […]

9. December 2021
Beyond Efficiency: The Roles of Large Corporates in Driving Sustainability Transitions

To address persistent sustainability challenges, societies need to fundamentally restructure consumption and production systems by initiating sustainability transitions.

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