Katinka Quintelier
Assistant Professor of Ethics & Strategy

I am an assistant professor in Ethics and Strategy at the Free University of Amsterdam (VU), in the Netherlands. After obtaining a degree in Biology, I obtained a PhD in philosophy with a focus on moral psychology, at Ghent University, Belgium and a second PhD in Strategy, at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in the Netherlands, with a focus on stakeholder theory. In general, I investigate how to treat stakeholders ethically. Some of my previous publications can be found in Frontiers in Psychology, Human Nature, Thinking and Reasoning, Psychological Science, and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


Research profile

I am passionate about individual behavior in organizations. At the moment, I am investigating individual behavior in the context of sustainable business models such as the circular economy and the doughnut economy. As part of an ongoing research project, we wrote a report about the social side of the circular economy. This report can be found here. The research was supported by Het Groene Brein.

I am also working on the following topics:

  • (De)humanization in organizations
  • Anti-profit beliefs in organizations
  • Animals impacted by organizations
  • Individuals’ responsibility in supporting ethical organizations


Teaching profile 

As a teacher, I am grateful for the opportunity to teach topics that matter to the current generation of students. I teach or collaborate on following courses:

Multistakeholder management: When facing wicked issues such as climate change, it is essential to collaborate with a broad range of stakeholders. While it takes time to build these stakeholder relationships, in the end you travel faster alone, but further together.

Business Ethics: We all care about certain values, and so do business students. In business ethics, I ask students to first reflect on their own values. This serves as a basis and springboard for the question how business can contribute to these values.

Strategic entrepreneurship and innovation: Innovation is difficult, but it is a must in today’s changing environment. How can companies deal with resistance to change? How can they use a shared purpose to transform?

Katinkas list of publications can be accessed here.

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