Koen van Bommel
Assistant professor in Organization Theory & Corporate Sustainability

Koen van Bommel is Assistant Professor of Organization Theory & Corporate Sustainability at the School of Business and Economics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He obtained his PhD in Management from Warwick Business School in England in 2014. Prior to becoming an academic, Koen was a sustainability consultant at KPMG.

In his research, Koen draws on an organization and management theory to examine corporate sustainability. He is particularly interested in sustainable business models, the tensions and paradoxes around corporate sustainability and sustainability/integrated reporting.

Koen’s work has appeared in journals such as Organization Studies, Organization, Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, Journal of Cleaner Production, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Journal of Sustainability Research as well as in several books.


Selected key publications:

  1. Hensmans, M. & van Bommel, K. (2020) ‘Brexit, the NHS and the double-edged sword of populism: Contributor to agonistic democracy or vehicle of ressentiment?’. Organization, 27(3): 370-384.
  2. Van Bommel, K., Blanson-Henkemans, M., Brinkhorst, T. & Meurs, M. (2020) ‘A Review of Sustainable Business Models: Past
  3. Accomplishments and Future Promises’. Journal of Sustainability Research, 2(3): e200022
  4. Van Bommel, K. (2018) ‘Managing tensions in sustainable business models: Exploring instrumental and integrative strategies’. Journal of Cleaner Production, 196: 829-841.
  5. Reinecke, J., Spicer, A., & Van Bommel, K. (2017) ‘When Orders of Worth Clash: Negotiating Legitimacy in Situations of Moral Multiplexity’. Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 52: 33-72
  6. Van Bommel, K. (2014) ‘Towards a Legitimate Compromise?: An Exploration of Integrated Reporting in the Netherlands’, Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 27(7): 1157 – 1189.
  7. Van Bommel, K. & Spicer, A. (2011) ‘Hail the Snail: Hegemonic Struggles in the Slow Food Movement’, Organization Studies, 32 (12): 1714-1741.


Koen’s full publications can be accessed here.

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