Mirjam van Praag
Professor of Entrepreneurship, President of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Since 1 March 2018, Mirjam van Praag is the President of the Executive Board at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Educational background
Mirjam van Praag studied Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam, obtaining her doctorate there in 1996.

Work experience
After having worked at Procter & Gamble, Intomart and The Boston Consulting Group, Van Praag committed herself to a career in science in 1998. She held successive positions at the University of Amsterdam, first as Associate Professor in Organizational Economics and later as Professor in Entrepreneurship and Organization. In 2014, Van Praag took on the position of Professor in Entrepreneurship at the Copenhagen Business School. In addition to her professorship, she has held a range of various ancillary positions. Van Praag was a crown member of the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (2010 – 2018), and has served on various advisory boards and academic networks in the fields of economics and entrepreneurship.

Ancillary positions

  • Professor Entrepreneurship, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.
  • Supervisory Board Member of De Nederlandsche Bank
  • Member of the Bankraad of De Nederlandsche Bank

Supervisory Board Member of the Anne Frank Foundation


Recent publications:

  1. Egebark, J, M.Ekström, E.Plugand M. Van Praag (2021) Brains or Beauty? Causal Evidence on the Returns to Education and Attractiveness in the Online Dating Market, Journal of Public Economics, forthcoming.
  2. Huber, L. Rosendahl, S. Parker, R. Sloof and M. Van Praag (2021) Diverse Cognitive Skills and Team Performance: A Field Experiment Based on an Entrepreneurship Education Program, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 170, 569-588.
  3. Vladasel, T., M. Lindquist, J. Sol and M. Van Praag (2021) On the origins ofentrepreneurship: Evidence from sibling correlations, Journal of Business Venturing, forthcoming(and covered at VoxEU).
  4. Czibor, E., S. Onderstal, R. Sloofand M. van Praag (2021) Does relative gradinghelp malestudents? Evidence from a field experiment in the classroom, Economics of Education Review, forthcoming.
  5. Rocha, V. and M. van Praag (2020) Mind the Gap: The Role of Gender in Entrepreneurial Career Choice and Social Influence by Founders, Strategic Management Journal, 51(5), 841-866.
  6. Rocha, V., van Praag, M., Folta, T.B., Carneiro, A. (2019) Endogeneity in Strategy-Performance Analysis: An Application to Initial Human Capital Strategy and New Venture Performance, Organizational Research Methods, 22(3),740-766.
  7. Czibor, E., J. Claussen and M. van Praag (2019) Women in a men’s world: Risk taking in an online card game community”, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 158, 62-89.
  8. Nagel, H., Huber, L., van Praag, M. (2019) The Effect of a Tax Training Program on Tax Compliance and Business Outcomes of Starting Entrepreneurs: Evidence from a Field Experiment, Journal of Business Venturing, 34(2),261-283.
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