Neil A. Thompson
Assistant Professor of Organization and Entrepreneurship Studies

Neil Aaron Thompson is Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship and Organization Studies. He received Msc degrees in International Economics and Business from the Utrecht University in 2009. In 2013 he received his PhD degree, based on a dissertation with the title Institutional Logics and Entrepreneurship – Struggling for legitimacy in the emerging bio-energy field.

His ongoing research covers topics about Entrepreneurship as Practice; Organizational Creativity; New Venture Creation; Sustainable Development; Organization Theory; Institutional Theory; Organizational Change; New Industry Development; Economic Sociology; and Historical Methods. Present research questions are; How do entrepreneurs experience and cope with anxiety through the entrepreneurship process? How do entrepreneurs contribute to sustainable development? How is the imagination implicated in organizational creativity? How do entrepreneurial teams coordinate their activities to develop new imagined futures?

Neil is the SBE faculty programme coordinator of the premaster programmes, which enables students from different backgrounds to be admitted to the faculty's Master programmes. He is also the coordinator of two core Masters courses in the Masters of Science Entrepreneurship programme – the entrepreneurial individual and social entrepreneurship. He also supervises several master thesis projects on topic related to his research interests.

Complete list of publications can be accessed here.

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