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The VU Business & Society Knowledge Hub is devoted to interdisciplinary, collaborative and impactful research and be recognized as a global thought leader in research on sustainable business practices in and around organizations, markets and society at large.

Our mission is to provide both the scholarly community as well as business organizations and leaders research-based knowledge to make meaningful contributions to a sustainable society, and mobilize our expertise and research to help us get there.
Management Research that Makes a Difference: Broadening the Meaning of Impact

The world is undergoing dramatic transformations. Many of the grand societal challenges we currently face underscore the need for scholarly research – including management studies – that can help us best sort out and solve them. Yet, management scholars struggle to produce concrete solutions or to communicate how their research can help to tackle these […]

Pitching for social change: Toward a relational approach to selling and buying social Issues

In the issue-selling literature, little attention has been paid to the struggles of those managers who try to sell social issues to potential issue buyers who are not particularly sensitive to the normative elements of these social issues. In this study, we examine the case of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and concomitant dynamics of selling […]

The Elephant in the Room: The Nascent Research Agenda on Corporations, Social Responsibility, and Capitalism

The role of business in society has attracted considerable research interest over the past decades. Next to themes such as sustainability, social entrepreneurship, multistakeholder initiatives, and business ethics, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a prominent domain in it its own right within management and organizational research. It is our intention in this special themed […]

New roles of government in the governance of business conduct: Implications for management and organizational research

In this introductory paper for the special issue “Government and the Governance of Business Conduct: Implications for Management and Organization”, we focus on government as an institution in the broader context of the governance of business conduct. We review the longevity and heterogeneity of governmental actors along with, and in relation to, the evolving role […]

Corporate Social Responsibility

This book offers a thought-provoking and critical examination of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR has entered the boardroom and become a mainstream management concept for businesses to address their ethical, social and environmental responsibilities towards society. CSR does not come without contestation, and firms engage in CSR for different reasons and exhibit different patterns of […]

A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective on Food Labelling for Environmental Sustainability: Attitudes, Perceived Barriers, and Solution Approaches towards the “Traffic Light Index”

The so-called “Traffic Light Index” (TLI) is a meta-sustainability label aimed at condensing the information provided by existing sustainability labels into an overarching message on food products’ environmental footprints. Such an overarching message is critical to reduce the confusion caused by existing labels and to foster more sustainable dietary habits among consumers. While research shows […]

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